Tambov region
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In this section you can see the investment projects at various stages of implementation, which require funding.

Contact information for consultations: Head of the Department for Realization of Regional Development Projects
Management of the economic policy of the administration of the region Smetanin Vladimir Vladimirovich

Phone: 8 (4752) 79-15-95, mobile phone 89106537713 e-mail: svv@ekon.tambov.gov.ru

investment projects requiring financing

Name of the project Initiator of the project The essence of the project Volume of investments, billion rubles
Construction of agro-processing complex for deep processing of grain OOO «Agrokombinat Tambovkrakhmal» The project provides for the construction of a flour factory with a capacity of 12,000 tons of wholemeal flour per year and a plant for the production of modified starches with a capacity of 16,500 tons of modified starch a year.
Also should be built administrative-household building, storage facilities, treatment facilities,
a water intake unit, gas-generator plants with a capacity of 1200 kW, and landscaping was carried out.
Slaughterhouse for farm animals OOO «Tambovagroinvest» The investment project involves the construction of a slaughterhouse for farm animals with a capacity of up to 50,000 tons per year. 0.620
Creation of the Park of Achievements for Gardeners of the World FGBOU VO “Michurinsky State Agrarian University” The project is planned to be realized within the framework of the tourist-recreational cluster “Michurinsky”.
The consolidated plan for the development of the tourist-recreational cluster “Michurinsky” was presented on October 11, 2016 in the framework of the 15th meeting
Coordination Council of the federal special-purpose program “Development of domestic and incoming tourism in the Russian Federation (2011-2018)”
and received the approval of Rosturizm.
The park is supposed to be divided into three sectors.
In the first sector four thematic gardens will be laid: “Life and scientific activity of I.V. Michurin,
“The garden of achievements of pupils and followers of I.V. Michurina (Garden of Friendship) “,” History of landscape art “,” Gardens sung in culture “.
Sector 2. “Modern technologies in horticulture” will be presented by four diverse gardens.
Sector 3. “Garden exotic” consists of five diverse gardens.
Creation of the ecological and ethnographic park “Urlyapov town” FGBOU VO “Michurinsky State Agrarian University”;
Tambov Regional State Autonomous Professional Educational Institution “Industrial and Technological College”
The project is based on the idea of creating a multi-purpose recreational and entertainment complex.
The focus of the project development strategy is on three areas of sustainable tourism:
– organization of a comfortable holiday in nature,
– hunting, fishing and horseback riding in their own lands,
– Excursion service.
Creation of an innovative model of a cultural, educational and leisure center for the revival of folk traditions
Tambov region and the development of modern forms of tourism business “Manor of two landlords”
Tambov Regional State Autonomous Professional Educational Institution “Industrial and Technological College” In the Center, the complex use of various forms of cultural and leisure activities is planned:
– The museum and exhibition complex will include the master’s house Snezhkov, a garden institution IV. Michurin, a museum of peasant life;
– The site for spiritual study of local lore will begin to function in the house church, in which, apart from the services, Sunday school classes will be held,
– celebrate Orthodox holidays, meet with priests;
– the sphere of hotel service will be represented by a complex of housing and communal services on the basis of a two-storey building of the former hostel,
– converted into a comfortable hotel; on average for the year in the rooms of the hotel “Snezhkov” is expected to accommodate about 1440 people;
– The catering sector will include a cafe-restaurant of the hotel “Snezhkov” (for hotel guests and vip-clients),
– as well as a cafe in the former office of the manager of the estate;
– Activities of the sports and health center will be carried out in the gym, as well as at the stadium of the complex.
The list of services offered will include:
– provision of comfortable rooms and landscaped park and beach area;
– the provision of sports facilities;
– classes in sports sections (single and group sports, equestrian sports);
– provision of equipment for sport fishing;
– Rental of beach equipment, skis, skates, boats, bicycles;
– cafe-restaurant, cafe-tea and summer cafe services;
– services of Russian baths and saunas;
– organization of excursions, incl. horse, on ecological paths;
– provision of premises for cultural, corporate and family events.
“Construction of a cement plant in the Petrovsky district of the Tambov region” OOO «Tambov-tsement» Creation of a new enterprise for the production of cement. 100% replacement of imported cement from other regions for locally produced material. The project provides for the creation of engineering and municipal infrastructure:
– access road to the cement plant, reconstruction of the railway. st.Peskovatka, construction of st. Factory;
– Construction of hydraulic fracturing and gas pipeline -18km;
– Construction of 110 kV Substation PS, construction of a 2-stage branch line from VL-110 “Nikolskaya” – 10 km.
The goal of the project is the development of the Borisovskoe limestone deposit and the construction of a cement plant. It is planned to install a technological line of the Danish company FLSmidt, operating on a dry production method. As the main components in the production of cement clinker limestones of the Borisovskoye deposit and loams of the Pestkovat area are used. As additives in the raw mix are used ash and slag Cherepovets or Lipetsk metallurgical plants.