Tambov region
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Flag and coat of arms of the Tambov region

The Tambov region lies in the southern part of the East European Plain, in the central part of Oka-Don Plain.

7 cities of regional value 23 areas

Favorable geographical location is due to:

– the centrality of the location in Russia between the most important economic areas;
– the presence of highly developed nearby subjects of the Russian Federation;
– close location of capacious consumer markets and resource regions;
– developed transport infrastructure.

On the territory of the region there are regional long-distance railways of republican value:
Moscow – Saratov – Almaty;
Moscow – Tashkent.

Highways of republican value:
Tambov – Novorossiysk;
Astrakhan – Murmansk;
Astrakhan – Moscow;
Saratov – St. Petersburg;
Moscow – Penza;

«Donskoe» is the airport of Tambov.
It is located in 10 km to the north-east of the downtown.


1st place TOP – 20 14 th place
in the All-Russian ecological rating of public organization “Green Patrol” of the National rating of the investment climate on a public-private partnership development

Effective investment policy is a determining factor in the development of the Tambov region.

The main source of economic growth in the region is investment in fixed capital. The system of effective state support for investors formed in the region stipulates the implementation of major investment projects.
In 2015, 122,5 billion rubles were invested in the development of the economy and social sphere of the region at the expense of all sources of financing.

5 reasons to invest in the Tambov region:

«1. Advantageous geographical location.»

«2. Presence of biological resources and minerals..»

«3. Presence of skilled labor force.»

«4. Presence of developed transport and engineering infrastructures.»

«5. Stable economic, social, environmental and political conditions.»

Small and Medium Business

With a view to stimulate the social and economic activity of small and medium size businesses they are provided measures of financial, property, methodical, consulting and other support.
For creation and development of infrastructure for support of the subjects of small and medium business, that carry out activity in the field of industrial production, as well as development and introduction of innovative production, it is planned to create an engineering center.

Agro-industrial complex

Historically agrarian, today the Tambov region is among the leaders in the sphere of agro-industrial complex. More than 20% of the gross regional product is produced in the agro-industrial complex of the Tambov region. This is not surprising: the best fertile black soils make up 87% of the land fund, more than 40% of the region’s population live in rural area.
The region is a top three leaders of the Central Federal District for the production of grain, sugar beet, sunflower and successfully develops other agricultural industries.
Investment projects in sphere of cattle breeding allowed the Tambov region to enter the top three regions of Russia for pork production, and in the twenty for poultry meat production. For the first time in 40 years the number of pigs in the region exceeded 1.0 million head. New ambitious tasks are being set. A project is being implemented to create a gardening cluster.
Additional impulse for development of gardening cluster is creation of Federal scientific center named after I. V. Michurin «Gardening. Healthy food» in the region.

«We can not wait for favors from Nature. To take them from it is our task»

I.V. Michurin


Industry of the Tambov region is one of the leading branches of the economy of the region, it employs more than 17% of the total economically active population of the region, 11% of all fixed production assets are concentrated, more than 90% of the region’s export are provided by industrial production.
Key activities of the industrial complex are chemical production, production of machinery and equipment, production of electrical equipment, electronic and optical equipment, production of vehicles and equipment, production of food products and beverages, non-metallic mineral products.
The developed defense-industrial complex of the region is actively modernized and transformed to the new integrated structure uniting resources of several enterprises.


Developed innovative infrastructure within the regional innovation subsystem is created in the region. It allows comparing the innovation potential and investment activity of the enterprises, as well as managing the investment resources directed to the innovative development of the region.
Regional innovation infrastructure of the Tambov region includes:
– The JSC Cluster Development Center of the Tambov Region. Currently, the participants of the Cluster Development Center are more than 170 organizations and enterprises;
– The Technological framework «Technologies of food and processing industry technologies of the agro-industrial complex – healthy food products». The main activity of the technological framework is aimed at intensifying efforts for creation of promising commercial technologies, new products (services), attracting additional resources for research and development based on the participation of all stakeholders. The total number of members of the technological platform totals more than 150 organizations and enterprises. In September 2016 it acquired the status of the Eurasian technological platform;
The total number of members of the technological framework includes more than 150 organizations and enterprises. In September 2016 it acquired the status of the Eurasian technological framework;
– Centers of technologies transfer;
– Engineering center;
– The State Regional Center for Standardization, Metrology and Testing of the Tambov Region.

The Tambov region is the owner of the most fertile soils of Russia

Total area: 34300 km.
Population: 1,039 million people
Manpower resources: 632982 people
Territory extent: 245 km from the North to the South and 220 km from the West to the East
Climate: moderate continental climate
Share of urban population: 60,5%
Regional center: Tambov
Official site: www.tambov.gov.ru

«We create necessary conditions for attraction of investments, for creation of new productions, new jobs»

A. Nikitin.

Growth of investment activity

by 2,7 times by 7,6 times
production of food products, including beverages, and tobacco metallurgical production and production of finished metal products
by 1,4 times by 1,6 times
production of machinery and equipment (excluding production of weapons and ammunition) production of electric equipment, electronic and optical equipment
by 1,8 times by 1,5 times
production of vehicles and equipment construction
by 16,7 times by 1,7 times
hotels and restaurants health care and social services

«We understand that the future is for young people. Support of young businessmen for us has key value»

А. Nikitin

8850 125 thousand people
subjects of small and medium business are engaged in business
23032 19 institutes of support
individual entrepreneurs

10,4 the share of the region in all-Russian production of granulated sugar 11th place
on production of cattle meat and poultry
7,7 the share of region in all-Russian production of ethyl alcohol Land fund – 3,4 million hectares, 87 % – black earth
3,0 the share of the region in all-Russian production of flour
2,7 the share of the region in all-Russian production of mixed feed
3,3 the share of the region in all-Russian production of oil

5th place 3,3 billion rubles
in the Central Federal District on growth of industrial production volume of investment in fixed capital
137,7 billion rubles 16,1% GRP
volume of industrial production for 2015

«The largest deposit in Russia for raw materials for the production of titanium»

27th place in rating of the Higher School of Economics «Innovative development of the subjects of the Russian Federation»
12th place in rating of the Higher School of Economics «Quality of innovation policy of the subjects of the Russian Federation
54th place of innovative infrastructure
27 small innovative enterprises
4 business incubators
Growth by 2,3 times in the last two years on volume of the shipped innovative goods, works and services