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Tambov region - the most environmentally friendly region of Russia

Invest in Tambov region
Success Stories

  • 1

    Favorable investment climate

    11th place in the National rating of the investment climate in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

  • 2

    Governmental support

    A wide range of types of state support for investment and entrepreneurial activities.

  • 3

    Political stability

    Leading positions in the rating of socio-political stability.

  • 4

    Convenient geographic location

    The sales market within a radius of 500 km from Tambov covers more than 36 million people.

  • 5


    1 place in the rating of the most ecologically clean regions of the country.

  • 6


    The crime rate in the Tambov region remains one of the lowest in the country.

  • 7

    A rich human and scientific potential

    The presence of significant scientific potential, necessary conditions and resources for the development of scientific, technical and innovation activities.

Tambov land

Tambov region has a rich history, nice culture and interesting traditions. Advantageous geographical location near main markets and transport routes, rich natural resources, favourable climate and environment, skilled human and scientific resources of the region create comfortable environment for business and implimention of investment projects in different sectors of economy.

I would like to present you the official regional site about investment climate “Investment portal of Tambov region”. Here you will find relevant information on regional economic strength, support measures and benefits for investors, tax advantages and government guarantee for investment projects of different types.

Russian and foreign investors are welcome to Tambov region for mutual and porfitable cooperation!

Alexander Nikitin

Head of Administration of Tambov region

Secretary office: +7 4752 713756

1 place
in the rating of the most ecologically clean regions of the country

3,4million hectares
agricultural land

of them is chernozem

13of species
in minerals

The largest deposit
titanium-zirconium ores
“Central” in Rasskazovsky district

38 food and beverage

work in the Tambov region

1 050 thousand people
population of Tambov region

280 thousand people
population of Tambov

60 countries –
trading partners
of Tambov region

450 projects
successfully implemented
in 2016

839,4 thousand
meters of housing was put
into operation in 2017.

111,7 billions
volume of investments in Tambov region for 2017